TONTARRA takes over international distribution of “BLUEENDO” Line

Tontarra Blue Endo Distribution


The innovative minimally invasive blueendo products “made in Germany” ideally complement the company´s own extensive laparoscopic and gynecologic portfolio.

The outstanding quality and convenience of blueendo´s “LightSolution” trocars (lightweight, maintenance free and available in different tube types and working lengths) optimally fit TONTARRA´s own standard instrumentation for laparoscopy.

Interesting add-on products (as for example the blueendo Fascia Closure Assistant Device) are well in line with TONTARRA´s own laparoscopic products; the blueendo SlimPac modular micro instrument system for scarless miniport-surgery features reusable specialty instruments, a HF hook electrode, handles, inserts, trocars and ports, and a suction/ irrigation system for both, laparoscopic and gynecologic procedures.

In Gynecology, TONTARRA´s own endoscopic product development and -range is focused around hysteroscopy and resectoscopy (for example the 15 Fr. Gubbini Mini-resectoscope). Together with the company´s standard surgical gynecologic instrument range plus the blueendo products for abdominal and transvaginal hysterectomy (Morcellator MoreSolution, rigid and 90o adjustable uterus manipulators, accessories like MyTube and LapLoop2, a monopolar electrode for LSH and subserosal pedunculated myoma), TONTARRA now covers a notably wide range of gynecologic instrumentation.

The manufacturing company blueendo GmbH international, Germany, continues the exclusive distribution for the USA, the DACH area, Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) and the Benelux-countries. For the rest of the world, TONTARRA is in charge of the distribution.

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