13 Jul

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Our today’s message is dedicated to the airborne transmission of COVID-19 and minimization of risks in medical institutions. A hot topic these days !

Working in the medical field, this is one of the biggest concerns of our customers, patients, doctors and hospital staff. So many infections, especially among hospital staff, have been reported, unfortunately. Scientists have identified aerosols (droplet nuclei) as the major infection pathway for the spread of the virus COVID-19.

The Air Cleaning Units are simple to operate and quiet. Contaminated air is pulled into the device and through highly efficient filters, particles at sizes 0.3um or larger are removed, eliminating viruses, bacillus, spores, moulds or other dirt. Finally, clean air is returned into the room.
Numerous units have been installed for many years in hospitals and other environments in different countries with approved good results and comply with EN ISO standards and HTM.