04 Mar

4K in Ultra-HD standard (UHD) with 3840×2160 pixels image size is the highest standard of surgical imaging. With 50 or 60 full frames per second, the EndoorCam 40 offers exactly 4 times the resolution of Full HD and makes the smallest details visible. This makes it possible to work comfortably with large monitors, allowing best detail resolution and recognition.
The 4K camera head offers high-quality optical zoom for highest image quality in both circular and full-image endoscopy images like in Laparoscopy. Here it offers two separate setting.
Together with our 4K UHD laparoscopes you get a complete 4K system for highest demands.

EndoorCam 40 camera with its large color space, together with EndoorLight 300 LED light source with CRI Ra >90, offer two essential features for outstanding color reproduction.
The large UHD color space of BT.2020 enables the display of highly saturated colors that cannot be displayed in the BT.709 HD color space. In endoscopy, intensive red tones in particular benefit from this. An interesting range of 4K Monitors is available upon request. Official launch coming soon!

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