GUBBINI - System

The original GUBBINI Mini Hystero-Resectoscope  offers  a working diameter of 16mm which was  initially introduced in the year 2010, the GUBBINI line was extended over the years by 3 slightly modified hybrid instruments sets of which each is applicable in both, a mono- or bipolar surgical environment, offering a full range of accessories.
There is a tremendous potential for either GUBBINI system, no matter whether sized 14.9 Fr. or 16 Fr. to herald the start of a new era in minimal invasive field of Gynegological diagnostic and therapy offering to patients a much less traumatizing surgical intervention.

“Breaking the limits of traditional hysteroscopic treatments”


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“On the gentle side of Gynecology”

  • GUBBINI original
  • GUBBINI ellipse
  • GUBBINI midi

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“On the gentle side of Gynecology”

  • GUBBINI original
  • GUBBINI ellipse
  • GUBBINI midi

The new dimension:

  • below 16 French

By putting a stronger focus on the in-vivo anatomical ‘condition’ of the cervical canal when reducing the diameters from 26 Fr. to 16 Fr. (5 mm) a dolorogenic dilation of the cervical canal can be  avoided.
The narrowest section of the cervical canal is almost painless dilatable up to 5mm in diameter by nature

Smaller shaft sizes offer many benefits

  • No instruments for vaginal examination necessary
  • No local anesthesia required in most cases
  • Significantly reduced operation time
  • Less pain and discomfort for the patient

Additional key benefits

  • No change of unit required. By positioning the outer shaft the hysteroscope can be switched to a resectoscope simply by a single move
  • Intra-cervical interventions are possible
  • Available in mono/bipolar version

Interventions within the intra-cervical canal:

  • Endocervical polypectomy
  • Hysteroplasty: Surgical therapy of an isthmocele
  • Biopsy in case of unclear or obscure endo-cervicale diagnosis

Interventions in the cavum uteri:

  • Polypectomy | Resection of single or multiple myomas | Metroplasty
  • Curettage | Endometrial ablatio | Isthmocele

Introducing Dr. Giampietro Gubbini:

  • Practicing Gynecologist
  • Academic tutor and advisor in several European and Italian centres of competence
  • Running special workshop events on the GUBBINI system
  • Senior advisor of the Scientific Commision of the Italian Society for Gynecological Endoscopy (SEGi)
  • Advisor for gynecological endoscopy with diverse privately run and public health institutes

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