12 Jan


During the last years, NIR (NearInfraRed) Fluorescence technology has become more and more of interest as a tool in intraoperative minimally invasive surgery. This fluorescence imaging technology enables surgeons to visualize and assess blood flow and tissue perfusion, an important indicator for healthy tissue, as well as specific anatomical structures during multiple minimally invasive procedures. It offers great advantages in sentinel lymph node mapping, endometrial or cervical cancer, intraoperative assessment of visceral perfusion, colorectal surgery and many other applications.
The Fluorescent imaging agent ICG binds the protein and blood and is metabolized and exuded by the liver thereby providing laparoscopy visualization of the hepatic artery and vial ducts.

TONTARRA’s latest camera setup LUMI_NIR allows the surgeon to combine NIR FI and white light endoscopy without any reduction of image quality. The LUMI_NIR range offers the option of having a Full 4K NIR FI system or a more economic HD version as a standard in medical care.

EndoorCam 20 NIR FI Native Full HD camera:
TONTARRA’s versatile and economic EndoorCam 20 NIR FI Native Full HD camera leads the way to integrate the Fluorescence technology as a standard in the medical area. The Full HD version does not only offer USB photo and video recording but also provides patented automatic light control of the NIR FI Light Source.
EndoorCam 40 NIR FI ULTRA HD 4K camera:
TONTARRA’s EndoorCam 40 NIR FI Ultra HD 4K camera is the solution when looking for an outstanding performance. With a 4K UHD imaging output it offers a greater and more detailed color space compared to the already exceptional EndoorCam 20 NIR FI Native Full HD camera system. Additionally, it provides USB photo and video recording as well as patented automatic light control of the NIR FI Light Source.

The new LUMI_NIR Camera Head Full HD Zoom is the perfect camera head for use in white light as well as for the near-infrared spectrum to intraoperatively detect NIR fl uorescence with indocyanine green. It offers 2x optical zoom as well as 3x digital zoom. For easy use in the dark OR room the camera head consists of three illuminated and programmable buttons. The green button allows the surgeon a fast and direct switch from white light to the NIR FI modes during the procedure.

Specially designed NIR FI Endoscopes to transmit the NIR wave lengths are mandatory to detect the ICG Fluorescence. Only a complete image chain consisting of NIR camera unit, NIR camera head, NIR light source and NIR endoscopes allow a perfect visualization and functionality of the ICG Fluorescence. Our Ø 10.0mm Laparoscopes are based on the latest image technology and optical components which ensure a high resolution and homogenous illumination of the complete OR field.

EndoorLight 300 NIR FI is TONTARRA’s advanced light source which can be used for standard white light procedures as well as NIR FI fl uorescence imaging. With its 805 nm NIR laser an optimal ICG excitation can be guaranteed.

The NIR FI Light Guide is the specifi ed equipment for NIR laser activation. The NIR FI Light Guide has a Class 3R laser output at the distal end. Therefore, direct eye-contact needs to be avoided.

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