CLEAN WAVE - Punches & Rongeurs

All CLEAN WAVE laminectomy punches and rongeurs are one-piece patterns which do not require any disassembling for cleaning purpose.
When compared to multi-piece instruments a loss of small instrument parts, e.g. screws, etc., can be avoided during cleaning and autoclavation.
A lot less friction of the sliding shaft pieces is caused by the wavelike shape of these parts.

“Trademark protected one-piece detachable punches & rongeurs”

Special features

  • Single-component system | Disassembling not required | Easy cleaning
  • Fatigue-free operations due to smooth-running and ergonomic design
  • No loss of instruments parts (screws, etc.) during cleaning and autoclavation
  • Ensures easy, safe and time-saving operations

Punches: A wide array of options available

  • A variety of different shaft length on offer
  • Different bite width and styles available
  • Optional with ejector
  • Optional with thin foot plate
  • Optional ceramic-coated

Rongeurs: A wide array of options available

  • Different lengths of shafts
  • Different bite width and styles available
  • Patterns: Cushing, Love-Grünwald, Spurling, Caspar, Wilde
  • Optional ceramic-coated

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