Air cleaning against Corona

Immediate deployment of mobile units achieves UltraClean® air within short time

TONTARRA  is convinced of this concept and has closed contracts with the English manufacturer “Air Sentry®” for the international distribution of the devices. The same-named product line is being sold from the company’s headquarters in Wurmlingen, Germany, to the medical and non-medical market. Particularly important is the tested and certified quality of the air cleaners. Designed for medical use, Air Sentry® guarantees “Ultra Clean Air®”, almost sterile air quality. The devices have proven their efficiency e.g. during the spread of the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium where infection chains in Ealing Hospital in England were interrupted. Also, during the swine flu pandemic, the devices have been successfully used in health care units in the UK. These days it seems obvious to apply these high-performance devices in closed spaces in general. With its multi-stage filter, individually tested, the Air Sentry® systems can help all of us in times of Corona.
We can learn or work in a safer environment, have medical treatments with less fear or simply eat together with friends and family at the restaurant.

More details in our editorial specialist article: “Air cleaning efficient against corona virus”


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Handling indoor air during pandemic times

Getting back to the question about how to return to “normal life”, Air Sentry® can be a factor to bring us closer to this wish – especially in cold times.

Are you interested or do you need more information about our innovative air purifier from AirSentry®?

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Air cleaning - Step by step description (1)

Based on zero pressure room data using compulationalfluid dynamics, the image depicts flow in an ICU room area.
ACU is able to be placed on any wall position away from the patient area.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (2)

The system draws ‘dirty’ air at the low level, towards the unique filtration system.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (3)

Air is drawn from across the patient area, downwards away from ceilings, equipment and staff.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (4)

This slow moving flow ‘pulls’ air from the entire room, including corner areas, which are a problem area for existing approaches.
The system can work on its own or be used alongside any existing system to enhance bio security.
The fixed version can also be used successfully supplements an older, non compliant OR, which has exceeded air quality requirements.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (5)

This slow moving flow occurs for the entire room, including corners. Surface depositing is significantly reduced.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (6)

Ultra Clean Air, near sterile, exits the system and rotates upwards to form a return path.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (7)

This pushes ultra clean air over the patient area from a high level, creating an extreme level of mixing and air dilution.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (8)

This completes the cycle, which is continuous.
The unique rotational flow from ACU combines the cartridge filtration system and results in an ICU room achieving Ultra Clean status within 10 minutes and this being maintained within 30 minutes of running, 24/7.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (9)

The rotational flow forms a rotational motion, within the slow moving whole room air system.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (10)

This creates a significant level of mixing within the room environment.

Air cleaning - Step by step description (11)

Dilution is the rationale behind all health care room ventilation systems.
The unique design of ACUexceeds actual air change requirements whilst achieving a level of dilution many times greater.
In an ICU room the dilution effect is equivalent to around 80 air changes an hour, without the noise or wind that would be required to achieve that conventionally.

Features of AirSentry® air cleaner

  • Fast Functionality
  • Exceptional air bio-security, particularly around aerosol generating medical interventions such as CPAP and CPR
  • Combined with PPE and good infection control, staff risk reduces to near zero
  • Protection from secondary infections such as aspergillus
  • Robust 24/7 operation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low purchase costs over traditional approaches
  • Significant savings on operational costs
  • It is also able to supplement existing installations without compromising their operation
  • Offering fully monitored Alarms
  • Simple user interface
  • Key locking to ensure authorized use

Various areas of application for the AirSentry® air purifier

FAQ about AirSentry® air cleaner

What is the filter life?

In normal use 24 months.

How much power does it use?

Around 100W, similar to a light bulb.

How often should it be serviced?

Annually recommended.

What voltage can it run on?

230V / 110V.

Will it comply with EN14644 part 3 and what is it about?

Yes >> Highest grade filtration test for HEPA based filters.

Will it remove sars-cov-2?

Yes, the system removes all pathogens.

Is it CE marked?

Yes, each unit is bespoke and CE certificated.

How long is the warranty?

Manufacturer warranty 12 months.

Is it easy to use?

It just needs to be put into use, away from the patients bed, and be turned on.


Are you interested or do you need more information about our innovative air purifier from AirSentry®?

Feel free to contact us. Our sales staff will be happy to help you!


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