VIRTUOSO - Articulated Laparoscopic Instruments

The special features like the articulation of the jaw and rotation option increase the range of motion considerably. They allow ideal access to the operation field during Laparoscopy in Gynecology, Urology or General Surgery.

The robot and its instrument movement range is high-end and expensive; standard laparoscopic instruments sometimes limit surgery due to the reduced range of movements: VIRTUOSO combines the advantages of both worlds!

Advanced laparoscopic features like articulation and rotation BUT without using a robot:

  • Handheld, smaller size with only 5 mm and tactile feedback to the surgeon
  • Smaller and less incisions
  • Cheaper and reusable

” We transfer robotic attributes into surgeon‘s hands.
With unique and affordable advantages in MIS procedures.”

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Main Applications

  • General Surgery:
    Inguinal hernia (TAPP; TEP); Gallbladder; Bariatric surgery; Colon; Appendix; Reflux surgery; Abdominal pathologies treated by laparoscopic surgery
  • Urology:
    Kidney surgeries (for cancer or lithiasis pathology); Ureter surgeries; Prostate surgeries (for cancer or benign pathology); Radical Prostatectomy; Urological pathologies treated by laparoscopic surgery)
  • Gynecology:
    LAVH; LSH; TAH; Fallopian tubes; Ovarian cyst; Gynecological pathologies treated by laparoscopic surgery


Articulation and rotation of distal tip:
Only distal tip is articulated which increases the range of motion compared to instruments which also have a partially articulated shaft.
The 90° angulation and 360° rotation allow highest flexible and defined positioning.

Standard Diameter:
The new articulated products are available in 5 mm. This allows surgeons to only need small incisions compared to the 8 to 10 mm robotic instruments. Smaller incisions lead to less post operative pain as well as almost no recognizable scars for the patient.

Different jaws:
Initially, the most common distal tips are available, such as scissors, Maryland, dissecting forceps and a needle holder to facilitate all common interventions.

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