LOFT-LINE Needle Holder

The LOFT-LINE needle holder was specially designed for a fatigue-free and effortless manipulation which are achieved by well-balanced ergonomics of the instrument.

Other than most competitor’s products which are well-established and approved in the markets the TONTARRA LOFT-LINE needle holder weighs only 120g when compared to 256g of the competition. The innovative design helps to prevent injuries by getting the surgeon’s hands caught during surgery.

“Feel the lightness of suturing”

Special features

  • Exceptionally light-weighted
  • Ergonomic handling and variable positioning of the instruments possible
  • A shortened ratchet allows a minimal force for operation
  • Teflon-coated
  • Integrated overload protection
  • Easy closing mechanism
  • Jaws with tungsten carbide inserts

Functional Characteristics

  • (A) Design of shaft plus luer-lock connection ensure an efficient cleaning process
  • (B) Easy closing mechanism together with a perfect placed relase lever

A wide choice of alternative model versions

  • Available in 3 different working lengths
  • 6 different mouth pieces

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