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The GUBBINI Mini-Hystero-Resectoscope-Systems with 14.9 Fr. and 16 Fr. clearly have the potential to revolutionize current proceedings in minimal invasive gynecology towards a more “gentle” approach with less traumatizing interventions in gynecology. Due to the small diameters, the cervical canal does not have to be dilated which means significant pain reduction for the patient and allows a smooth and easy approach under local anesthesia. The “See & Treat”, meaning the change from diagnostic to operating sheath without extraction of the system from the body, enables comfortable bipolar resection in saline solution. Reduced operating times and safe procedures are consequently reached with this device.


Dr. Giampetro Gubbini



The mini-sizes of the GUBBINI systems allow to perform hysteroscopic and resectoscopic interventions without anesthesia at all. A great advance in modern gynecology! Still, some patients will need local anesthesia due to anatomic circumstances. It is also reassuring in case of axiety and increased stress level, both for patient and doctor. With the “Hysteroblock” uterine paracervical block needle, I perform with success an easy and realiable injection for local anesthesia during interventions with the GUBBINI Mini-Hystero-Resectoscope.


Dr. Raffaele Ricciardi

Meanwhile I have used the TONTARRA GUBBINI System during quite some hysteroscopic operations. It works smoothly and the interventions have been carried out successfully.


Univ. Prof. Dr. Albrecht Guiliani



This instrument has a great performance and is highly advantageous during the most common indications like small myoma and polyps. Thus, it covers 80 % of the Standard indications in Gynecology. Learning to use this system is very simple and the change from conventional systems to the GUBBINI system is intuitive. There are some small tricks which make life easier but for newcomers handling and technique is easily adapted


Dr. med. Eleonora Boschetti Grützmacher



About 10 years after the introduction, the Gubbini Mini Hystero-Resectoscope offers a multitude of options for non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutical procedures in hysteroscopy. In fact, it’s able to perform both, hysteroscopy and resectoscopy with reduced diameter of the shaft thanks to the 16 Fr. with continuous flow and optional 5 Fr. working channel with the possibility of a rapid and gentle endoscopic therapy for a wide range of uterine cavity diseases. This is a perfect application of a spectacular idea that only after “ many hours of flight”, as my friend repeat continuously, it may arise, after helped by a good staff. By way of introducing miniature loops which are shaped ideally to the given anatomical proportions, the strain to female patients could be clearly reduced and we work very well with the patient’s cooperation without pain. The GUBBINI is a hybrid operative hysteroscope for its instruments sets of which each is applicable in both, a mono- or bipolar surgical environment. I can only advise you fervently for the ease of use, for the vision not compromised during the procedure also with the blood. Try it, it will not make you regret the classic resectoscope and you will give an excellent therapeutic option to your patient.


Prof. Dr. Leo Livio

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