07 Oct

Handling indoor air during pandemic times

The cold season is approaching and aerosols in closed spaces are becoming a hot topic these days. Protection against airborne Corona virus infection cannot solely be granted through distance and masks. But how can we carry on with “normal life” under these circumstances? Studies confirm the spread of the virus via aerosols that are being carried in the air in high concentrations for many hours. Good ventilation or air cleaning units significantly reduce these aerosols and can prevent transmission. At low outside temperatures, ventilation through windows and doors cannot take place without creating other health risks. And who wants to miss cozy rooms during wintertime?


Good news: HEPA filters can help

To avoid the spread of Corona virus, we all know now that sufficient ventilation is essential, especially in indoor spaces with numerous people. In addition to medical facilities such as hospitals, medical practices, ambulatories, residential care, this applies to many places where everyday life happens: classrooms, daycare, work places, meeting rooms or fitness studios. According to the latest media reports also farsighted restaurateurs these days start using air cleaners to enable their guests a carefree and safe visit. Teachers’ associations are calling for quick solutions and numerous schools have already recognized the urgent need for action. An increasing number are having classrooms and teachers’ rooms equipped with air cleaners.


Authorities recommend high grade filtration HEPA class H14

In view of the current pandemic, the WHO points out that air should be exchanged 12 times an hour in medical facilities. They recommend high-performance HEPA filters in their practical manual for the Management of SARI in health facilities of March 2020. The German IRK (Indoor Air Hygiene Commission) of the Federal Environment Agency reiterates the importance of air exchange, stating that high grade HEPA filters offer “increased safety”. Such HEPA filters together with a sophisticated air current control have been successfully used in Air Sentry® air cleaning units for many years. Their ACU’s (Air Cleaning Units) are designed as mobile systems or wall units and have been developed for the highest demands in medical technology. They have been successfully used in hospitals and ambulatories for many years and are certified and tested according to clean room criteria.


Immediate deployment of mobile units achieves UltraClean® air within short time

TONTARRA Medizintechnik GmbH is convinced of this concept and has closed contracts with the English manufacturer “Air Sentry®” for the international distribution of the devices. The same-named product line is being sold from the company’s headquarters in Wurmlingen, Germany, to the medical and non-medical market. Particularly important is the tested and certified quality of the air cleaners. Designed for medical use, Air Sentry® guarantees “Ultra Clean Air®”, almost sterile air quality. The devices have proven their efficiency e.g. during the spread of the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium where infection chains in Ealing Hospital in England were interrupted. Also, during the swine flu pandemic, the devices have been successfully used in health care units in the UK. These days it seems obvious to apply these high-performance devices in closed spaces in general. With its multi-stage filter, individually tested, the Air Sentry® systems can help all of us in times of Corona. We can learn or work in a safer environment, have medical treatments with less fear or simply eat together with friends and family at the restaurant.


Efficiency depends on performance of cleaners

The market is currently being flooded with air cleaners. Important criteria are the Standard according to which production However, the efficiency of the systems can only be judged through tested quality. Air Sentry® has been proven to remove microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria but also other particles down to 0.007 microns, also most gases. Tested at 0.3 microns efficiency is 99.99998% or better. Testing is performed according to DIN EN ISO 14644-3, Clean Room Standard. In addition to its efficiency in cleaning the air, fast deployment and low upgrading costs are important criteria to provide quick solution. Mobile devices have clear advantages here. They do not require any installation effort, are ready for immediate use and are extremely flexible for being used wherever needed.

Getting back to the question about how to return to “normal life”, Air Sentry® air purifier can be a factor to bring us closer to this wish – especially in cold times.