26 Sep

Dr. Klaus Heil from Tuttlingen became aware of the Ukraine donation campaign by Tontarra earlier this year. For 25 years he has practiced orthopedic-rheumatology in his office in Tuttlingen, specializing in osteoporosis and spinal pain therapy. With regard to his upcoming retirement, he expressed the wish to donate his medical office equipment to Ukraine and asked us for support and help with the organization of that donation.

Open Verein e.V. from Freiburg, which already supported us in the first donation campaign, confirmed its support this time too. With their help and the commitment of our own people and many volunteers, we were able to load the medical equipment donated by Dr. Heil (a bone densitometer, a mobile x-ray C-arm, a sterilization unit and a big part of the furniture) onto a truck for further transportation to Ukraine.

In the meantime, the equipment has been distributed to hospitals and partially already put into operation. Soon will that equipment be of great benefit to patients who need medical treatments.